Inaugural Newsletter – Spring 2020

To begin, I want to say thank you. You have poured into me, and I am a product of your wisdom, time, encouragement, and kindness. I am privileged to be chasing my dream, and make no mistake, you are in large part to thank (blame) for this.

Many of you know my year started up unexpectedly. I began the year with challenging health news as well as a need for a job transition. While I had always dreamed of designing and implementing projects directly with good people doing good work, I had hoped for a clearer (more comfortable) path to this opportunity. In addition to the challenges in January, COVID-19 has created new and unexpected challenges for all of us.

As I write this, I am reflecting on how your positive influence on me has helped me overcome the circumstances of this Spring and I am proud to say Krueger Consulting is off the ground. I am working with several incredible organizations on a range of projects including program evaluation, facilitation, and grant management. I am honored to be a trusted partner of organizations working in cancer, housing, and community health, each elevating equity for their communities.

As I continue leveraging the knowledge and skills that have been entrusted to me, I want to remain focused on where we are headed. My work has only just begun. I ask that you, my growing network, continue to challenge me to be better, encourage me to confront the status quo, and envision more equitable communities with me. In return, I commit to offer my best to each of you, to be transparent in my strengths and areas of learning, and to advocate for a better tomorrow for our communities.

I am beyond excited. Scared daily. More content than ever. Humbled often. Learning nonstop. Challenged continually. Thankful to my core.

Together, we’ll achieve a more equitable tomorrow.



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