At KC, we know getting started with program evaluation is often the biggest hurdle. To help set your organization up for long term success of managing the nuances and challenges of evaluation, we’ve tailored our services to meet you where you are.

Metric Review

At the end of 4 weeks, you will have a clear understanding of the program data each department is collecting, analyzing, and reporting: no data silos.

Not only that, we will provide recommendations on ways to streamline, capitalize, and elevate your organizations measurement. Through a series of guided discussions, document sharing, and laser-focused analysis, you will have a visual representation of what your organization is learning.

At KC, we want you to leverage your program data rather than bogging you down.

Evaluation Audit

At the end of 6 weeks, you will have a complete picture of your organization’s evaluation landscape.

From planning efforts, to data collection processes and reporting, you will be prepared to make informed decisions. So often, evaluation is floating in the background and this is your opportunity to bring it to the forefront with a detailed assessment and clear set of recommendations to elevate your evaluation and align with peers and national standards.

Set your organization up for years of success with a prioritized evaluation next steps.

Sample Product

Custom Project

Have a report due in 3 weeks?

Receive a grant that requires an evaluation plan and logic model?

Need a series of focus groups or a community survey?

Want your team trained in using excel as a database and learn to build dashboard?

We welcome the opportunity to talk through your specific needs and design a scope of work that aligns with your budget and needs.

Want more information?

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