Krueger Consulting

Krueger Consulting

Program Evaluation for Non-profits

We help nonprofits measure impact through careful review of their programs and goals and then align their data tools to improve programming and share findings with funders and partners

Krueger Consulting envisions a world in which communities are healthy, happy, and thriving. We believe the path forward involves dismantling assumptions, redesigning systems, and inviting all to the table.

The Intention

Born out of a desire to use skills and expertise to challenge, rather than join, the status quo, Krueger Consulting leans into program evaluation to create change.

About Our Evaluation Consulting Services

Brad is savvy at program evaluation, logic model development, performance measures, focus groups, interviews, surveys, and more. And if we can’t solve your problem, we can connect you with one of our partners, who may carry the expertise you are looking for.

We understand no two projects are the same, so we will listen to your specific needs.

Krueger Consulting
Brad Krueger, MPH
Chicago, IL

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