Over the years, KC has developed a handful of excellent resources to help any organization leverage their internal knowledge and data to advance their work. We hope you find the following 1 (and 2) pagers helpful!

FAQs of Evaluation Consultants

Answering questions like “What is a logic model?” and “Where do we even start?” and even “How much should we spend on evaluation?”

Where do I get started?

Logic models, eval plans, surveys, reports, oh my. Evaluation quickly becomes overwhelming, but, it can be simplified to three core steps.

Common Survey Mistakes.

Surveys can quickly get complex. Here are five quick tips to avoid common mistakes and links to a few resources we use often!

Working with an Evaluation Consultant

What does it cost and what role do I play? Here are a few commonalities I’ve seen across consultants.

Fundraising 101

Originally written for a colleague starting a non-profit, this conversational primer will walk you through the first few months of finding funding.

Wrangling your data

Things change, fast. Data, staff, and spreadsheets can end of disorganized seemingly overnight. We share five steps to getting back on track.