Five Frequently Asked Questions of Evaluation Consultants

How much does it cost? Evaluation consultants generally bill by the hour or deliverable. These can range significantly. Hourly rates can range from $75 to $250, depending on size, focus, location, etc. Most evaluation consultants will share this if you ask (I currently bill at $100 an hour). Other consultants prefer to bill by deliverable.Continue reading “Five Frequently Asked Questions of Evaluation Consultants”

Three centering words: Humility, Data, Impact

Context: Short: Eight months ago I started out on my own. I was excited and ready. I chose words to guide and center me. Long: First, I am far from an expert on the ins and outs of values, mission statements, mottos, slogans, visions, etc. I am, however, a strong believer in knowing what movesContinue reading “Three centering words: Humility, Data, Impact”

Inaugural Newsletter – Spring 2020

To begin, I want to say thank you. You have poured into me, and I am a product of your wisdom, time, encouragement, and kindness. I am privileged to be chasing my dream, and make no mistake, you are in large part to thank (blame) for this. Many of you know my year started upContinue reading “Inaugural Newsletter – Spring 2020”